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Bi–Fold Door Thermal Efficiency

Your Phillips Patio Doors Bi–Fold doors will keep you warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot.

With a Certified U Value of about 1.3 W/(m2K)* we surpass the British Building Regulations by an industry leading 27%. This gives you more design flexibility on bigger projects, keeps your energy bills low and helps you to ‘stay green!’.

Our uncompromising design has included the most advanced thermal breaks and weather tight seals, and our locking mechanisms ensure maximum compression for increased weather resistance.

Of course our Bi–Fold doors are fully weather rated by British Standards.

*We’ve had our doors tested with Triple Glazed Units, and we’re well within the current Building Regulation L1 and L2.
Thermal Efficient Bi–Fold Doors from Phillips Patio Doors

20 Year Bi–Fold Door Guarantee

Each bespoke Phillips Patio Doors Bi–Fold door is designed and manufactured at an impressive state of the art High Wycombe facility.

Exceptional care is taken in designing our doors for durability and long–term performance. Only ultra–high quality components, specially designed by us, are used in an Phillips Patio Doors Bi–Fold door. Every one of our skilled craftsmen takes pride in creating the best folding sliding doors money can buy.

That’s why Phillips Patio Doors Bi–Fold doors are guaranteed by us to perform faultlessly for 20 years. Each bespoke door set comes with a unique serial number that guarantees the doors at the property for two decades. No other manufacturer of Bi–Fold doors guarantees their products for this length of time.

So, embrace your new lifestyle with the solid reassurance of our unrivalled guarantee.
20 Year Bi–Fold Door Guarantee with Phillips Patio Doors

Safe and Secure

Our Bi–Fold doors combine sophisticated style and elegance with the very latest in high performance and high security multi–point locking systems. Manufactured and assembled here in the UK our unique 8 point locking system conforms to demanding, police preferred ‘Secured by Design’ standards.

Chamfered 20mm linear bolts offer smoother operating when engaging the lock, as well as giving maximum compression for increased weather resistance. Add deep throw 25mm security hooks – the deepest engagement available on the market today – and the lock delivers the best in both security and weather proofing.

The weakest point of a locking system is often the cylinder. Our combination of solid cast Yale security handles with high performance fixing bolts and a British Standards accredited Magnum security cylinder, proven to protect against snapping, picking, drilling and bumping, offers a proven defence that is second to none. Our unique vertical locking shoot bolt solution completes the full quota of impressive security features. While a Stainless steel faceplate and a twenty year manufacturer’s warranty ensures durability and resistance against all the elements.

The hinges of a door are often overlooked as a security weak point. Not so on an Phillips Patio Doors Bi–Fold door, which is designed to withstand attack and offer little opportunity for even the most determined intruder. The strength and integrity of the door profile itself is also a crucial consideration, so we have worked hard to strike the right balance between size, strength, and aesthetics to produce door designs that look beautiful yet perform flawlessly to the highest security standards.

Finally, a door can only be secure if installed correctly. So you’ll be glad to hear Phillips Patio Doors has been chosen by Origin as an installation partner for our rigorous attention to detail and workmanship of the kind that guarantees your absolute safety and security.
Safe and Secure Bi–Fold Doors from Phillips Patio Doors

Your Lead Time, Not Ours

As a supplier of Origin doors, we can offer a service that no other manufacturing company in the world is able to beat – we manufacture bespoke folding sliding doors for when our customers need them. Whether you need your Bi–Fold doors in a matter of days, weeks or months, we will guarantee delivery to you on time, every time.

We realise how hard it can be to schedule in the many jobs needed to complete an extension. At Phillips Patio Doors, we remove the hassle and pressure associated with ordering folding sliding doors. We give our customer the ability to complete all their other building and remedial works before having to place their order. This means there is no guess work involved in the ordering of the doors. We can cut the opening in the wall, measure that opening, order the doors and have them delivered within 2 days if necessary, ready to install.

Other companies claim ‘fast turnarounds’. But none can compete with the manufacturing processes operated in the state–of–the art Buckinghamshire factory.

We guarantee delivery of made to measure quality Bi–Folding doors whenever our customer requires them. 2 days, 1 week, 1 month, tell us when you need your bespoke Phillips Patio Doors Bi–Fold doors. 10 popular colours available, including 3 realistic woodgrain finishes.

Individually crafted quality Bi–Folding doors, manufactured when you need them. A unique concept for a uniquely designed, bespoke product.
Your Lead Time, Not Phillips Patio Doorss

Low / Level Threshold

Phillips Patio Doors Bi–Fold doors sweep away the boundaries between the inside and the outside of your home.

Low threshold designs allow for equal floor finishes inside and out. There are two options available; weathered and non weathered.

Visually, the effect is stunning. Practically, it creates one space out of two for the ultimate use of your space at home.
Low and Level Threshold Bi–Fold Doors from Phillips Patio Doors

Free Glide System

The bottom of each door section has its own long wheelbase solid aluminium carriage with four wheels that run inside a low threshold base track.

Each wheel is a small work of engineering art. We use nylon type 6–6 for our wheels, a resilient high melting point material that resists degradation due to heat and friction.

Each nylon wheel spins around a 6mm hardened stainless steel shaft on its own set of needle bearings along a stainless steel track.
Free Glide System with Phillips Patio Doors Bi–Fold Doors

Safe for those little fingers

Nothing is more important than safety and comfort in your home. That’s why they are designed into every Phillips Patio Doors product.

The Bi–Fold door comes with a bespoke ‘finger safe’ gasket between each door leaf, which ensures that even when they are fully open and folded to their maximum extent, there is no gap for little fingers to get trapped in.

Cleverly the lead door is prevented from slamming or being caught by gusts of wind by a strong magnetic stay which holds the door in place.

The low and flush threshold radically reduce the likelihood of trips and falls, whilst the concealed free glide running gear prevents little fingers from getting trapped.

All in all, a unique combination of safety features.
Safe for those Little Fingers Phillips Patio Doors Bi–Fold Door Safety

Low Maintenance

We think you should be able to enjoy your Bi–Fold doors without the worry of time consuming and complicated maintenance.

The nature of Bi–Folding doors demands precision design and engineering, making timber and UPVC unsuitable materials for maintaining alignment over the lifetime of the product. Our high grade aluminium is our material of choice because if offers the right combination of strength and weight, allowing for a narrow, more aesthetically pleasing frame.

Phillips Patio Doors Bi–Fold doors are finished with the highest grade, longest lasting powder coating available, removing the need for periodic painting and maintenance. This hard wearing finish protects against scratches and colour fading, whilst maintaining the doors’ original good looks.

Our concealed running system is protected from the elements, ensuring the smooth gliding action of your doors for a lifetime.
Low Maintenance Phillips Patio Doors Bi–Fold Doors

Manufactured in Great Britain

Phillips Patio Doors is an established firm, providing excellent customer service before, during and after your purchase.

Every Bi–Fold door is designed, crafted and then assembled at the factory in High Wycombe, UK to fit and perform flawlessly.

And in the unlikely event you discover a problem with your doors or the installation, you have peace of mind knowing a UK based customer service team is available to support you and put things right.
Phillips Patio Doors Bi–Fold Doors are Manufactured in Great Britain

Corner Bi fold Door Sets

There are instances that a conventional door design is perfectly suitable but in the case that your room layout is slightly more unusual, we will have a configuration to suit your room – whether it be a corner set of doors at a 90° angle or even a bay set, your options on an Phillips Patio Doors Bi–Fold door are virtually limitless.

Turn a dark corner into a feature that floods your room with natural light to make even more of your living space.
Corner Bi–Fold Doors from Phillips Patio Doors

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