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Discovering your Phillips Patio Doors Bi–Folding Door – The Journey begins here...

Options and Prices for Phillips Patio Doors Bi–Fold Doors

Folding Options and Prices

The beauty of Bi–Fold doors from Phillips Patio Doors is that they offer an enormous choice of layouts and options to suit your home. Over 150 different configurations, in fact. Here are just some of the most popular which can be either open in or open out.

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Colour Options for Phillips Patio Doors BiFold Doors

Colour Options

Make a statement, or simply match the surroundings of your home. Contemporary or traditional. Whether your taste runs to the subtle or the outrageous, we’ve created a colour palette to satisfy even the most discerning of tastes.

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Handle Options for Phillips Patio Doors Bi–Fold Doors

Handle Options

The handles of your Phillips Patio Doors Bi–Fold doors are its primary point of human contact. They must blend reliable functionality with tasteful aesthetics and real – world ergonomics. When you hold them, they must communicate safety and robustness.

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